Wojnar’s | Electric Love Festival

Promotion at the largest Electronic Festival in Austria


Wojnar’s | We love, what is tasty.

The brand of austrian and international spreads and snacks sponsors various festivals all over Austria. Next to selling products to the visitors, festivals are a great place for brand activation. 


Electric Lovers – you are a special crowd. Party loving, social media savy and communicative. How to capture your attention?

How about connecting live – and online – marketing by bringing the Wojnar’s photo box to the festival. Creating awesome pictures to immediately print and take home as well as posting directly to the right social media channels – this delivers value to visitors as well as the brand.


4 crazy days with blue skies as well as rain and muddy grounds.

We love all conditions, it does not matter if there is snow, ice, rain or sunshine. We deliver what you sign up for. Over 2200 pictures printed and thousands of memories saved.