A unique networking Event
in the middle of the beautiful "Pfitscher" vineyard

One day of speakers, networking and Wine Experience all packed in one day. Limited to 100 visitors, the intimacy and openness of the event was truly energizing.

Base Five Podcast

Wine & Food

StokeSix Event Shake Networking Italy

Most important thing while recording a podcast? Excellent Audio Quality…. and having fun

StokeSix Event Shake Networking Italy
StokeSix Event Shake Networking Italy

Crazy ideas lead to unexpected places

With an old friend Daniel we wanted to create an atmosphere, in which casual networking is possible. Wine and food served as the common ground for the visitors, accompanied by excellent business talks in a intimate setting. Half a day business talks, half a day wine experience.


Developing an idea from start to final export with our input and creative eye.


Setting up a small team for the task, looking and negotiating partnerships and searching for a fitting speaker panel.

Content & Design

Design of Ci and all collaterals. Posters, Invitations, Menu cards, interactive elements, wine bottle label, …