Paninothek | guestcook

Surprising menus from great chef’s


Bringing grande cuisine to the heart of Tirol. Creating a unique experience with the benefit of pushing the kitchen to their next level.The Paninothek is an italian restaurant in the middle of Innsbruck. Foccaccia, pane, pizza, pasta and a great selection of italian wine make your visit a fun experience.


Creating a fitting design for the series of guest cooks in 2019.  

Creating a special look with the colors of the house; green, blue and gold. Staging the maestro with posters, postcards, social media content and menu. 


A great evening with great atmosphere, extraordinary food and wine.

The series will bring 5 more cooks, which will be presented in the same way as Dario Pandolfo at the first edition of the event. Great start to a great concept.