"Base Five On Air" Podcast

We supported the Base Five Crew to create another channel to reach their audience. A new Interview-Style Podcast about fitness, lifestyle, body, mind and soul will reach the community and their desires. Guest of the fourth episode was Norwegian Ski World Cup champion Aleksander Kilde.

Base Five Podcast

Aleksander Kilde TALKS

Most important thing while recording a podcast? Excellent Audio Quality…. and having fun

Alpine Ski World Cup Champion Aleksander Aamodt Kilde talks about training, rehab and motivation. „The mind is as important as the body“

Our mission

We developed an interview- podcast format for a high-performer fitness and rehab facility. The Podcasting Channel via Spotify and Apple Music offers another great opportunity to get in touch with their existing Base Five – community as well as with potential new clients.


Supporting an idea from start to final export with our input and creative eye.


Podcast Production and Editing. Photography & Videography for Social Media and Advertising.


Distributed on Apple Music and Spotify